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Welcome and « Bienvenue » to Les Kidz!

We are a home-based French-American preschool & daycare in San Francisco. We are open 8am-5:30pm.
We are located in the beautiful Miraloma neighborhood, close to Glenn Park, Noe Valley, Diamond Heights, Sunset.
Les Kidz provides a unique program that educates young people to become confident, academically prepared, fully bilingual, and eager to participate in the wider world.

Les Kidz’s early education is emphatically child-centered. Encouraging children in their artwork, music-making, storytelling and imaginative play. Our highly skilled and dedicated teachers create a stimulating environment where children’s innate language ability is gently nurtured. We gradually and carefully prepare your child for a more structured academic setting.

Come and meet us, you’re going to love the tour!

Les Kidz Green Business
Les Kidz best preschool 2017
Nested in the beautiful Mount Davidson area with a gorgeous view of the bay.

Les Kidz – French-American Preschool
License #384002648

75 Coventry Court
San Francisco, CA 94127


Lise is a warm hearted and wonderful teacher. Walking into her classroom each day you find a welcoming, peaceful place full of little kids giggling and playing. Each day I beg to stay and play instead of going to work! Our daughter has been there a year, and at 3 yrs old, could have gone to a more formal preschool but we couldn’t bear to take Lise away from her before we had to – so she is signed up for another year of Les Kidz. Her french language skills have progressed enormously…

Kate W. & Nadim A.

I can’t say enough good things about Lise and Les Kidz. Our first son attended Les Kidz for more than a year and our second son joined him for 3 months before we moved out of town and had to sadly leave Les Kidz. My sons language skills took off while attending and he easily speaks French all day at school. We were absolutely amazed to see our english speaking two year old become a French speaker in a matter of months…

Mike & Kate S.

L’adaptation de Matteo à sa nouvelle vie s’est fait tout en douceur grâce à toi, Lise !
Nous ne l’avions jamais vu si épanoui à l’école.

Les Kidz est un vrai sanctuaire pour les enfants, avec un tas d’activités créatives. Un gros bravo et un gros merci pour ton travail.

Suzy L. & Thiago D.C.

Immersion in a community of fluent speakers is the most effective way to learn a language

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