The Les Kidz curriculum is organized around the Primary Skills (les Apprentissages Premiers). Each skill is essential to the child’s development and offers a core knowledge, which takes its roots from day-to-day experience, hands-on exploration, and authentic interaction.

statistics maths project does a research paper have to have an argument fcat writes 2012 essay examples why animals should have rights essay call of duty essays smoke free delhi essay what is annotation an essay about school uniforms opinions essay on my favourite tv programme for kids Socialization and Interpersonal Skills

3-Lignes-partage-preschool-IMG_7769-500Children learn to work in a group setting and develop social skills, including respect, patience, and independence. Emphasis will be placed on family structures and traditions. Throughout the year, children will be encouraged to respect themselves and their community.

Language Arts

1-Victor-Stella-Alphabet-IMG_7670-600Children learn to express themselves in groups, verbalize their feelings, ask questions, and use progressively more complex sentences. They will also learn about books, build their vocabulary, learn about various alphabets, and take their first steps toward writing. While teaching is conducted exclusively in French to fully immerse the children in the language, they are also introduced to other languages and cultures in order to enhance their inter-cultural awareness.

Mathematics & Sciences

1-Water-experience-IMG_7647-500Children learn numbers, counting, matching, classification, measurement, and geometry through age-appropriate materials and activities.



Motor Skills

gymnastic constructionChildren enjoy daily physical activities—free play or with specific instruction—that improve balance and spatial awareness. Music and dance activities help children develop physical awareness and expression. First steps to handwriting are taught through drawing, painting, and art projects.


growing potatoes, LesKidz preschoolChildren have fun in the preschool vegetable garden learning about how plants grow and thrive. Discovering the different scents, mint, chives, rosemary… planting vegetables they will eat later.



4-Cuisine-LesKidz-IMG_7058Children have fun in the preschool play kitchen learning about food. Delighting all five senses, children deconstruct recipes while developing their fine motor skills and cultivating their palate.