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Les Kidz cuisine

The nutrition of children is essential for the good development of the brain and body. We invest a tremendous amount of time to ensure that high-quality foods are always provided to your kid.

The school provides homemade, organic and wholesome meals, which we enjoy together as a community.

In addition, children participate daily in the preparation of food.

Cooking is done in our private kitchen. We never use frozen or canned products. Our menu is always age appropriate.We take good care in providing the right and suitable size and ingredients.
Our menu for children on day to day basis is now 100% vegetarian.

All eggs or milk we use or serve are from cage-free, well treated animals. We buy local as much as we can. And everything is 100% organic.

We also respect the diversity of beliefs about food. So just let us know if you or your child does not eat a particular food.


Please find more information about nutrition on the government website