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The nutrition of children is essential for the good development of the brain and body. We invest a tremendous amount of time to ensure that high-quality foods are always provided to your kid.

The school provides homemade, organic and wholesome meals, which we enjoy together as a community. In addition, children participate daily in the preparation of food for their teachers and friends.

Cooking is done in our private kitchen. We never use frozen or canned products. Our menu is always age appropriate.We take good care in providing the right and suitable size and ingredients.  Children receive a daily amount of vegetables not only as part of their meals, but also get to discover them blended in our homemade sauces.

We also respect the diversity of beliefs about food. So just let us know if your child does not eat a particular food.


Week 1

Avocat / blanc de poulet / riz

Jambon / pomme de terre rôties

Omelette au fromage / haricots verts

Dinde / gratin de courgettes

Filet de poisson / pomme de terre vapeur ou purée

Week 2

– Lasagnes aux légumes (courgettes)/ avocat
Lasagna with vegetables (zucchini)/Avocado

– Purée de patates douces / jambon / concombres
Mashed sweet potatoes ham/cucumbers

– Brochettes poulet sauce BBQ / tomates /feuilles d’épinards
Chicken Skewers BBQ sauce/tomato/spinach

– Coquillettes bacon / tomates et aubergines / mozarella
Coquillettes bacon/tomato and eggplant/mozarella

– Omelette au fromage / pommes de terre roties / salade de carottes
Cheese omelet/roasted potatoes/carrot salad

* This menu can be modify depending of the products we find. A fruit of day will also be proposed to the children.

Please find more information about nutrition on the government website