We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Les Kidz, it has been a blessing for Chloe and our French-American family as a whole. Our daughter Chloe has been loving going to school since day 1. Every morning she jumps out of bed excited to go to school. It has been such a joy seeing her grow and learn so much over the past 8 months.
Her French language skills have tremendously improved thanks to Les kidz full immersion program. Before starting Les kidz, Chloe was shy at speaking French and mostly spoke in English (even when we spoke to her in French she mostly replied in English). Soon after starting Les kidz she started speaking French at home spontaneously and now mostly speaks French at home. Lise is a wonderful teacher, loving, caring, so focused on each child’s individual development and so multi-talented (cooking, music, gardening and much more)! She has created such a warm and nurturing environment for the children to strive in.
We love Les kidz and recommend it to any family looking for a positive, creative and open-minded educational program!
Vanessa & Dan

Lise is absolutely amazing..! She took care of my little princess on several occasions and I would definitely recommend her. She is very flexible, full of creativity and very loving.. In addition, her French dishes are not only super healthy but also super tasty. My two years old loves the place..I visited several daycares and I came very impressed with the garden of Les Kidz. It is a very rare and perfect opportunity for the children to play outside and exercise like they should be..! ”

Lilia H.

Our son Jake is going to Les Kidz since about 5 months now, is very happy to go every morning to have fun with his little friends and play and learn with Lise. Kids are doing activities that help them learn many things: music, singing, painting, drawing, maths, logic, language, vocabulary, memory, garden, park, outdoor walks, etc. etc. Lise is working in a continuous improvement process to make it better and better for our little scoundrels!
I highly recommend Les Kidz.

Fabien C. & Elizabeth S.

We felt extremely confident of leaving our 17 months-old with Lise from day 1. The place is clean and bright, with many options of activities for the little ones to play with. We absolutely loved the fact that she takes the kids out several times a day, to the park and to her garden for outside activities. Our son loved to walk and spend his energy! We only left our son for one month during a work trip to the city, and it was amazing to find a French daycare on such short notice, that would take such good care of our little one:) Our son was very happy there, and I couldn’t thank Lise enough for her devoted care and positive energy!
Définitivement le meilleur daycare que nous avons pu expérimenter à ce jour:)

Suzy L. & Tiago D.C.

Magnifique initiative! Je ne savais pas du tout que tu avais ce projet et je trouve ça super! Compte sur moi pour te faire de la pub! Tu es incroyable avec les enfants et si j’avais un petit bout à te confier je le ferai les yeux fermés!
Bonne chance dans cette nouvelle aventure, je continue de suivre ton avancée!

Laure P., French American International School San Francisco

Lise is a warm hearted and wonderful teacher. Walking into her classroom each day you find a welcoming,peaceful place full of little kids giggling and playing. Each day I beg to stay and play instead of going to work! Our daughter has been there a year, and at 3 yrs old, could have gone to a more formal preschool but we couldn’t bear to take Lise away from her before we had to – so she is signed up for another year of Les Kidz. Her french language skills have progressed enormously, she is becoming really skilled at writing her letters and beginning to understand the concept of counting and adding. We seriously couldn’t be happier – and most importantly – our daughter couldn’t be happier.

Kate W.

Lise is for sure amazing! She took care of my son for 4 months and he was so happy to go to Les Kidz to meet her and the other little ones. I strongly recommend her as she is trustful, professional and competent. She is doing lots of activities (dancing, singing, planting, painting and so much things!). She is a very flexible (which was great for us) and loving. Plus she is cooking very healthy food which was one of our strong criteria. I like a lot the daycare as it provides a really nice and peaceful environment as well as a nice garden to go outside everyday. I strongly recommend Lise and The Kidz!

Sophie B.