Green Business Innovator certified

As a business we think that we have a responsability. The responsability to do our best to make it right for our planet. Les Kidz are very proud to be certified as a Green Business Innovator of San Francisco. Actually we are the 10th Innovator business in the entire State of California!

Which is awesome and which means that we need much more people to be part of that Innovator team.

Let’s see what we do as a green business…

Les Kidz Green Business Innovator


We calculated that we were throwing around 330 diapers/month. And I don’t even tell about wipes! Our trash everyday was composed by 95% of diapers and wipes. So we just choose to say STOP.

In April 2017, we decided to enroll with Earth-Baby, the compostable diapers service in the Bay Area.

The best would probably be to work with washable diapers. But it is just impossible for us today to do the wash job. And not all families can do it too.

So we were lucky enough to find Earth-Baby who offer this compostable diapers service. We purchase their 99% compostable diapers and they come at our door each week to pick up used diapers. They compost it. Wipes too.

Families don’t need to bring diapers anymore. We take the whole process in charge for them.

Beside that, we support all families who use WASHABLE DIAPERS. Our team is fully trained to work with it.

We also decide to go further in this Diapers’ trash fight!

So we put in place what we call the “Group Potty Training”. The children love to copy and to learn from each other. This is a big part of their learning process. And we realize the big impact we can have with potty training. So we encourage every child to go on the potty with their friends. This is fun and very rewarding! But no pushing, we respect those who does not want to go and prefer to watch 🙂 There is a time for everything right?

From 1,5 years old we help families with the potty training step. And we are proud to have very good results. And less diapers…


SuperGreen SF

We enroll with Clean Power SF in their SuperGreen 100% Renewable program. More info about it on the link below:



We stopped buying markers. We only use wood or natural wax color pencils.

So our plastic waste is down to zero. We also choose unbleashed paper 100% recycled. Made in USA. We tried to do our own paper but this work is still in progress…


We do our own play doe, “Pâte à modeler” in French. Super easy, fun to do and no danger if children eat it.


We propose a cooking class to the children at least once a week. So the children learn to cook the snack of the day.

The impact:

  • They learn to cook their own food.

  • The food production can’t be more local.

BUY IN BULK as much and we can.

For food we go on farmers market and Rainbow Grocery.

We do our best to buy food, and cleaning products in Bulk. No more packaging for our trash 🙂


One part of our curriculum is to teach the children the respect of all kind of life. All kind of animals and plants. We teach them to recognize them. Their names, their role… Is the spider useful? Why? And that Roly Poly? Squirrel? All right but can you explain why?…

In that in mind, we decided to go further and to turn all our events, open house, party with families,… as 100% Vegetarian and organic.

Our menu for children on day to day basis is now 95% veggie. For families who are 100% vegetarian we are happy to offer a vegetarian dish in replacement.

All eggs or milk we use or serve are from cage-free, well treated animals. We buy local as much as we can. And everything is 100% organic.

We also respect the diversity of beliefs about food. So just let us know if you or your child does not eat a particular food.


We are proud to implement what we call a Permaculture Philosophy in our approach.

Thinking sustainable and not throwabble. How we could do in order to save energy. When we talk about energy, we talk about the energy we use to heat our house AS WELL AS the energy of our own body. How to be more efficient? And to have a better impact?

This is what Permaculture is about and we do our best to work with this in mind.

To be successful, you have to understand the process of how things work. How do you make the flour? What happen if I use wood, stones, dirt to build this wall? Why will I choose this instead of that? What will be the impact? The energy cost?

So we do a lot of science, architecture, experiences in a fun way with the children.

We also teach them the time. Which is an important parameter of our life.

Today we tend to do everything very quick. Almost instantly. Like if we were a machine. Kids especially do not want to wait. They don’t understand why they should have to.

We teach them that doing things and obtaining a result takes time. We teach them to enjoy the process as well. Waiting is not wasting your time. Waiting is learning to organize your time. And you can make this “waiting time” very profitable.

We are ready to organize Adult’s class too 🙂